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How do I know what size tires are right for my band saw?

As a tire manufacturer we get lots of calls every day about how to pick the right size tires for a specific band saw. The most common ways of finding the right size tires is searching by Band Saw Make and Model, OEM Replacement part Number or by dimension.

Where do I find the make and model or the OEM tire replacement part number for my band saw?

The Make and Model of your saw and the OEM tire part number are generally easy to find. The band saw Make and Model information is usually engraved on a plaque and placed somewhere on your saw. (Placement differs depending on manufacturer). The OEM tire part number is easy to find in the parts diagram that came with the band saw. However, if you don’t have that information available or if your wheels have been modified, the best way to ensure the right fit is by measuring the diameter of your wheel and the width of and old tire or the width of the surface of the wheel where the tire will rest.

How do I find the tires on your site?

If you know the Make and Model you can use the drop down filters on our site to direct you to the the tires that fit your wheels. If you can’t find Make and Model or if you get no results, but you have the manufacturer’s tire part number you can search for it by using the search bar at the top of the page.

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We have also created a way for you to search tires by dimension. Once you have the diameter of your wheel, you don’t have to worry about any other calculations (in case you’ve read on other sites that you must deduct a certain percentage or inches, etc. As the manufacturer of tires we’ve already done all that for you).

My wheels do not match the sizes you have listed.

There are a few reasons why the diameter of your wheel is not listed. The main reason is because wheel sizes are nominal. If your wheels measured 19-5/8” to 20-1/2”, you want to select 20” tires. So, just like a 2×4 is not 2” thick by 4” wide but measures about 1½ thick and 3½ wide, your wheels will too differ from actual size. Just to give you another example. If the wheels of your saw are 13-5/8” to 14-1/2” you’d select 14” tires.
The other reason why your wheel size may not be listed on our site may be because we have not listed the size. There are many band saws that use the metric system, and we have not listed all of them on our site. Don’t worry, we can still manufacture the tires. We make custom size tires all the time (metric or imperial). If you need custom size tires, just give us a call 904-619-7935 and we can price and manufacture a custom set that can ship same day*.

* shipping date may vary depending on time of order.

Do I need crowned tires?

We want to always match the tires that came with your band saw as close to as possible. So, the easy answer is, if your old tires were crowned, then you want crowned tires. If you don’t know, check your wheels to see if they are crowned. If your wheels are crowned you don’t need crowned tires. Often, even though wheels aren’t crowned and old tires do not seem to be crowned either, we have customers that purchase crowned tires because the crown helps with tracking of the blade.

Note: You don’t need to figure out how to crown flat tires anymore. We manufacture crowned tires.

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