FESTOOL Cross Cutting Track Saw HK 55 EQ-F-Plus 576136


FESTOOL Cross Cutting Track Saw HK 55 EQ-F-Plus 561756

Replaces part 571756

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Making exact and repeated cuts quickly and accurately anywhere without taking materials to a miter saw or sacrificing accuracy with a standard circular saw, makes this the ultimate solution for all wood processing on the jobsite. Coupled with FSK Guide Rails with integrated angle stops, HK saws bring a higher degree of efficiency, repeatability, accuracy, and quality of cut unlike any circular saw before. Also compatible with all existing FS Guide Rails.

Idle engine speed 2 000 – 5 600 RPM
Cutting depth 45? 1-5/8″ (42 mm)/1-1/2″ (38 mm)
Saw blade diameter 6-1/4″ (160 mm)
Weight 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg)
Power consumption 1 200 watt
Angular range 0 – 50 ?
Dust extraction connection dia. 1-1/16″/1-7/16″ (27/36 mm)


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