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Rikon 70-3040 30″ x 40″ VSR Lathe with Sliding Bed



Rikon 70-3040 30″ x 40″ VSR Lathe with Sliding Bed


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  • Motorized Sliding Bed – Increase spindle length 20” up to 40”
  • Motor & Switch – Beefy 3HP motor delivers ample power
  • Index Head – 3-Step, multi-V pulleys include 36 index positions
  • Control Box – Magnetic back positions controls anywhere on long bed
  • LCD Speed Display – Big easy-to-read speeds from 20 to 3850 RPMs
  • Banjo – Cast iron tool rest base is extra wide and sturdy

RIKON’s Heavy Duty 70-3040 Variable Speed Lathe features an innovative SLIDING BED that increases your turning capacity with just a turning of a switch! The special motorized upper bed effortlessly moves to the right

away from the headstock to double the standard between-centers distance from 20” to 40”! Moving the sliding bed also increases the swing from 25-3/16” to 31-13/16” over the lower bed! Ideal for turning large bowls or platters. This space-saving lathe is extra heavy-duty, made of solid cast iron and steel construction to provide professional turners with a robust machine that will take the stress when turning large diameter bowls or spindles. The 3HP TEFC, 220V motor combined with 4 heavy-duty bearings in the headstock and digital speed controls provide all the power and precision needed for this versatile lathe.

Horsepower 3 HP TEFC
Inverter Input 1Ph, Output 3Ph
Amps 14.8
Volts 220V, 50/60 Hz
Speed 1,720 RPM
Direction Forward/Reverse

Number Of Speeds Variable
Ranges (RPM) 20 – 650 / 50 – 1,750 / 100 – 3,850

Swing Over Bed 23-7/32” to 31-1/4
Swing Over Tool Rest Base 17-13/32” to 25-7/16”
Working Distance Between Centers 20” to 40”
Tool Rest Post Diameter 1”

Headstock / Tailstock
Spindle Nose Inch x TPI 1-1/4” x 8
Headstock Taper MT2
Tailstock Taper MT2
Ram Travel 4-11/16” (120mm)
Indexing Positions 36

Overall Dimensions
Length 61-5/8” to 81-5/8”
Depth 30-1/8”
Height 50-3/8”
Net Weight 546 lbs.
Shipping Weight 665 lbs.
Shipping Carton 61-3/4” x 26-5/16” x 34-1/4”
Warranty 5 Years


Motorized Sliding Bed
Innovative upper bed slides to the right to increase an additional 20” for turning long spindles up to 40” long, or increase diameter swing from 25-3/16” to 31-13/16” for bowls and platters. Sliding bed is operated by a dedicated motor. Just turn a switch to effortlessly move the bed left or right to where or when you need it.

Motor & Switch
Beefy 3HP motor delivers ample power to turn large diameter projects in forward or reverse modes. A rear located, main safety On/Off switch ensures that all power is shut off when the lathe is not in use, preventing any electrical issues or use by children or unauthorized individuals.

Index Head
3-Step, multi-V pulleys include 36 index positions to secure the spindle for creating decorative details on your work. Index pin is easily activated from the front of the headstock, and raised numbers on the pulley are easy to read for position reference.

Control Box
Control Box has a magnetic back so that it can be set anywhere along the lathe for quick access when turning. Large dials and knobs are friendly to small or beefy hands in operating the controls.

LCD Speed Display
Headstock mounted LCD display shows the spindle’s speed in big bold, easy to read numbers from 20 to 3850 RPMs. Setting the right speed for your specific project’s diameter or material is as easy as rotating the dial on the control box.

Banjo & Height Extension
Cast iron tool rest base is extra wide and sturdy for increased stability when extended out for turning bowl and platter rims. Use the 4” Tool Rest Height Extension in the banjo to put your tool rests in proper user position when the lathe’s lower bed is used.

Tailstock & Tool Storage
Tailstock’s quill extends out to a generous 4-3/4” RAM travel with precision Acme threading. Handy storage shelves in the casting can hold 2 live or spur centers and a knockout bar.

Lower Shelves
Lathe’s sturdy metal legs include inner supports for attaching 1 or 2 of your own shelves for extra tool storage or to hold sandbags for added weight to discourage vibration or lathe movement if the lathe is not bolted down.

Hefty Headstock Spindle
Made for professions, the 1-1/4” x 8 TPI threaded spindle is supported by 4 heavy-duty bearings for precise and dependable turning. 2 flats on the spindle exterior make securing and removing chucks easy. #2MT head takes all standard lathe accessories and includes a 15mm (19/32”) thru-bore for knock-out bar use or attaching vacuum clamp systems.

PRO Tool Rests
Lathe includes a 12” PRO Tool Rest featuring a hardened top surface rod that allows turning tools to smoothly move along its length for increased control of the tools when working. 1” Diameter Post can be removed for installing smaller posts (sold separately) if desired.

Tool Storage Holder
Special Tool Holder can be mounted on either end of the legs to safely store wrenches, centers, and bars when not in use.

Large Locking Handles
Extra-large hand-friendly handles are included to securely lock down the tailstock, tool rest base, sliding bed and also to spin the headstock spindle or advance the tailstock quill.

Easy Belt Changes
Moving the drive belt to different pulley steps takes just seconds. Motor pulley tension is released with a turn of a lever, open the 2 headstock doors, change belt positions, then reset the tension with the motor mount lever and close the doors. No knobs or bolts to unscrew!

Additional information

Weight 665 lbs
Dimensions 61.75 × 26.7 × 34.25 in


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