Manufacturer of 'Quality Urethane Band Saw Tires'

MAKSIWA Warranty Information

MAKSIWA assures the owner that their equipment, identified by the Serial number issued on the Warranty Terms.

The equipment under warranty, for two (2) years, is as followed:

For your safety, trust the repairs, maintenance and adjustments (including inspection and replacement) for technical assistance recommended by MAKSIWA, always use genuine spare parts and accessories, reassembling to its original machine the same way.

The warranty period begins on the date of the Warranty Terms below. Within the warranty period, the manual labor and the components replaced by manufacturing defect will be provided for free as long as duly proved by Maksiwa Service.

Third-party manufacturing equipment that makes up the MAKSIWA equipment (such as motors, electrical equipment, belts etc.) are subject to the terms and conditions of warranty of their respective manufacturers. In case an exchange of machine is needed, please return the defective part or machine to MAKSIWA. All workplace adaptations for the equipment are under the responsibility of the machine owner. If you notice any defect or malfunction when receiving the equipment, get in touch immediately with the manufacturer or Dealer. Do not turn it on.

Not included in this warranty is any technical visits aimed at cleaning or adjustments caused by wear, resulting from normal use of the equipment.

The warranty does not cover problems caused by mistreatment, carelessness, misuse or inappropriate use of the functions designed for this equipment in this manual, as well as poorly executed operations by untrained operators to operate it.

MAKSIWA is not responsible for lost productivity, direct or indirect damages caused to the owner of the equipment or to third parties, or any other expense, including lost profits.

Even under warranty, you may lose its validity as follows:

a) Application of non-original components;

b) Alteration of its original features;

c) Lack of proper maintenance;

d) Improper use of the equipment;

e) Change in equipment or electronic connections;

f) Damage caused by mechanical shock or exposure to unsuitable conditions (humidity, salt spray, corrosive agents, etc.);

g) Damage caused by bad weather (floods, flooding, lightning, power outages etc.).