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FESTOOL Extension Set KA-UG-KS 60-R/L 201909


Extension Set KA-UG-KS 60-R/L

For KSC 60
Item number 201909

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  • For use in conjunction with the UG-KAPEX KS 60 adapter base
  • Consisting of KA-UG-L and KA-UG-R

Product details


Also for long workpieces

In combination with the base frame, the KA-UG-R and KA-UG trimming attachment enable precise working with the extension arm up to a cutting length of 7.8′ (2.4 meters).

Main applications

  • Facilitates and supports KAPEX applications
  • Supports long material
  • Precise sawing of moldings and boards

Technical Data

Length of extension arm (without telescope) – 58.26 in (1 480.00 mm)
Max. meas. length – 94.48 in (2 400.00 mm)


    • adjustable stop
    • telescopic slide-out scale
    • fold-out pedestal and carry case
    • metric measurement scale


You can view possible accessory items here:

Crown Stop – 203356


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 60 in


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