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Band Saw Tire Videos

If you are removing the wheels before installation, this video makes installation a breeze. Adjust the size or materials used to accommodate the size of your saw’s wheels.

Shaper Videos

What is SHAPER Origin?

The Complete Origin System Upgrade Your Workshop. Bring digital precision to your workshop with next-generation power tools. Get to work quickly with unrivaled ease, accuracy and reliability.

What is and how to use SHAPER Workstation?

Shaper Workstation is designed to be an all-in-one fixturing and work-holding solution when cutting with Origin. In this video, Sam gives a full walkthrough of Workstation’s components, including how they interact with each other to provide precise and simple work-holding and alignment, to expand your shop’s capabilities

What is SHAPER Plate?

Shaper Plate is the universal template for Origin, designed to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners, route System 32 holes and much, much more. Plate is now available to order! Units ship on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is SHAPER Trace?

This deep-dive video includes everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your new Shaper Trace! From registration to your first capture, we’ve included troubleshooting, best practices, and our favorite techniques to get the best results when working with Trace.