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NuTLink C/22 5 Meter Box L01C5


When your drive needs more ?muscle?, NuTLink V-Belts offer a permanent replacement upgrade from classical rubber V-belts while ensuring industry standard power ratings, a longer lasting belt, superior oil, chemical, and temperature resistance, and also fast, easy installation.

5 Meter Box

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Best Suited For: Heavier, shock loaded applications and reciprocating engine powered drives that use classical C/22 Section industrial rubber V-belt.

A Longer Lasting Belt NuTLink Detachable V-Belts are made from a polyester/polyurethane composite. This combination ensures a longer belt life even in the harshest conditions — up to 20 times longer in some applications.

• High resistance to extreme temperatures (-40° to +116°C)
• High resistance to abrasive materials
• High resistance to water, steam, oil and most chemicals

Fit in Minutes, Not Hours The link construction means that belts can be fitted easily and quickly even on inaccessible drives. Belts can be joined around the shafts without dismantling the drive.

•Links connected with metal T-studs
• Install without dismantling drive

Make to Any Length – Reduce Your Belt Stocks With NuTLink Detachable V-Belts, there is no need to hold stocks of every belt length. Make to length on site simply by adding or removing links.

• Reduced V-belt inventory . . . any belt: any time

Minimal Maintenance – Fit & Forget! High quality materials ensure that the belt displays minimal stretch even over long periods. Hence, minimal retensioning is required.

• Permanent drop-in replacements
• High horsepower; low stretch

Reduced Vibration/Noise The link design means that NuTLink V-Belts can reduce transmitted vibration and belt noise by up to 50%.

• RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant
• NuTLink is available in all the main industry belt profiles: Z/10, A/13, B/17, C/22.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 in

– Profile shape: Vee
– Profile size: C/22
– Color: Orange
– Compliancy: RoHS
– Material: Composite Polyester/Polyurethane
– Minimum Pulley Diameter: 229mm, 9.00″
– Top Width: 22mm, 7/8″
– Maximum Ride Height Above Rim: 0.21″ (5.4mm)
– Minimum Ride Height Above Rim: 0.00″ (0.1mm)


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