If you want to know how to do something, Google it, YouTube it or ask a friend, right?  It’s no different for installing band saw tires.  However, I have found a lot of good and sometimes bad advice on the internet.  One of the most common tips is to warm up the tires with hot water.  This makes it much easier to stretch the tires over the wheel.  So, what’s the draw back?  If the tires get too hot, they won’t hold tight and grip the wheel in the way they are designed to.  I have seen advice instructing to boil or even microwave them.  Please don’t!  The urethane will not be as tight when it cools.  It’s always best to muscle them on at room temperature.  If your wearing a jacket in your room and must use the warm water method, don’t exceed 130°.  Typically the water temp from a household water heater is set to 125°-140°, so use that without adding any heat.  If you are installing the tires while the wheels are still on the saw follow these downloadable instructions here.  If you have removed the wheels see the video below on building an easy installation jig.



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  1. I had absolutely no problem stretching the new urathane tires over the rims, no heat, no jig. I stood the rims on edge (they were removed) started from the top and worked my way around. It really didn’t take much effort.

  2. I am an experienced woodworker with over 25 years. I have changed a good many tires in my shop which includes a 14″ Jet with riser for resawing and an 18″ Jet I use for everything else. I bought a 2 pack of bandsaw tires for my 18″ Jet. I installed one of them several years ago with no problem. Today the first one broke from normal wear and tear after a very satisfactory long run. The second tire from that 2 pack that’s been in a drawer all this time, broke at the seam with very little pressure on it. I would love to have it replaced. I am curious if tires stored in a drawer at moderate temperatures would degrade over time. I exposed the tire to sunlight for a couple hours before installation to improve stretch.

    1. Hi Manny, First, I apologize for the late reply. We are glad to replace the tire that broke at the seam. We guarantee the welds for life. You should be able to store these tires for many years and still install them like they’re brand new.
      Please contact us for warranty service at 904 619 7935

  3. Hi, my new urethane tire fitted without much trouble onto my Dominion bandsaw upper wheel. I refitted a new blade and turned the machine on. It rolled the tire off the rim!

    I am not sure what to do now? Any advice please?

  4. I just installed the urethane tires on my 10″ Delta 28-195. Thanks for the jig videos! I could never have gotten these on without taking the wheels off and spending a couple of bucks on PCV at Home Depot to make the simple jig. The jig made it almost easy. I did soak in hot tap water for a few minutes. The water was around 115°-120°. I did a few slow pre-stretches looped on my bench vise as shown in the older video. They work great now with my 1/4″ blade. When I installed my 1/2″ blade, it wanted to track to the back on the lower drive wheel, even though the top wheel was tracking center. Ever run into this?

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