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Hot Water or Not – Installing Band Saw Tires

If you want to know how to do something – Google It, YouTube it or ask a friend, right?  It’s no different for installing band saw tires.  However, I have found a lot of good and sometimes bad advice on the internet.  One of the most common tips is to warm up the tires with hot water.  This makes it much easier to stretch the tires over the wheel.  So, what’s the draw back?  If the tires get too hot they won’t hold tight and grip the wheel the way they are designed to.  I have seen advice instructing to boil or even microwave them.  Please don’t!  The urethane will not be as tight when it cools.  If you choose to use the warm water method, don’t exceed 140°.  Typically the water temp from a household water heater is set to 125°-140°, so use that without adding any heat.  If you are installing the tires while the wheels are still on the saw follow these downloadable instructions here.  If you have removed the wheels see the video below on building an easy installation jig.


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