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C E Tools

Creators of Innovative Tools
CE Tools is quickly becoming known in the tool industry with our game changing first product:

The SnapBack Chalk Line, it snaps back so you don’t walk back!

The SnapBack is the first of many tools developed by CE Tools to reach a new level of innovation. Watch for our brand-new sheet rock tool to launch in Spring 2019!

The SnapBack, the world’s only chalk line with a releasable tip.
The patented SnapBack Chalk Line Tip releases off the edge of a work space, effectively cutting the users’ steps in half. Once the line is snapped, you have the ability to release the tip and reel it in, regardless of the distance between you and the releasable tip. Never cross a work space again to retrieve a chalk line tip!

More steps equal wasted time and increased risk of job-site injury.

The SnapBack premium chalk line tip has an improved fanged teeth design that grips the work surface more securely than a conventional tip. It locks in place and doesn’t move until you release it.

The SnapBack Chalk Line Tip may be purchased separately and is compatible with all hand-held chalk lines.

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