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Made in Italy, CMT steady commitment
Over the years, CMT has made and continues to make significant investments in the most advanced CNC equipment technology and strives to channel a great part of its resources in highly sophisticated and innovative software with one sole intent: delivering top quality, state-of-the-art cutting products in the tool making sector.

CMT understands that highly-experienced technical professionals are critical in today’s competitive market. The technical team which oversees production operations is comprised of extremely competent and skilled engineers and operators whose expertise and know-how maintain impeccable manufacturing standards, ultimately matching the demands of a challenging marketplace. This coupled with a completely automated manufacturing process, CMT achieves high levels of productivity and efficiency.

CMT offers industrial tooling at a competitive price and to an ever growing following of cabinet makers, contractors, woodworkers, hobbyists and manufacturing customers. Look around and you’ll find CMT tools everywhere: in world-leading furniture ateliers, kitchen manufacturing workshops and CNC machinery production plants.

Worldwide, the CMT Orange Tools® brand is recognized as a premium brand of cutting tools. The CMT mission is simple: offer the finest quality tools at affordable prices.