FESTOOL Connector FSV/2 577039


FESTOOL Connector FSV/2 577039 Replaces 482107

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    • SW 5/SW 3 combination hex key
    • Qty. in pack: 2.00 Units


The two Connectors allow users to connect two guide rails so that they are straight and stable. The self-aligning function makes it quick and convenient to connect the guide rails. The connectors are compatible with all Festool guide rails. They ensure precise cuts over the entire length of two or more connected guide rails.

  • Self-aligning for a straight connection, meaning that precise results can be achieved
  • Two connectors for securely connecting two guide rails for long workpieces
  • The laser engraving helps to ensure that the two connectors are used in the correct order
  • with a self-aligning function for connecting two guide rails for long workpieces so that the rails are straight


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