FESTOOL Cordless reciprocating saw RSC 18 5,0 EB-Plus 576951


Cordless reciprocating saw RSC 18 5,0 EB-Plus

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Really powerful. Really fast. Really smooth. For heavy duty work. The RSC 18 cordless reciprocating saw.

The Festool RSC 18 cordless reciprocating saw is powerful, fast and durable. With its brushless EC-TEC motor, switch-activated, fast-cutting, pendulum stroke and low level of vibration, the saw is smooth as well as fast to easily cut through the toughest materials. Optimized internal mechanism is both long-lasting as well as efficient – directing all of the power into the saw blade and not into the saw for smoother operation and less vibration for even greater control. Conveniently store the RSC 18, including all the accessories, in the Systainer so that they are well protected and easy to find. A range of blades are available for nearly any application. And in true Festool form, dust extraction is available by means of the included suction adapter to help keep the messiest jobs cleaner.

  • Powerful: thanks to the powerful EC-TEC motor and switchable fast-cutting pendulum stroke
  • Extremely low level of vibration: for smooth and controllable cuts, which helps to reduce fatigue to the user and the saw
  • Extremely robust: made for the toughest day-to-day applications at jobsites
  • Capable: with the the right saw blade for nearly every material
  • Quick-release chuck: enables quick, contactless changing of the saw blade
  • Convenient: everything stored neatly in the appropriate Systainer
  • Easy to control: smooth start-up and perfect control of the stroke rate thanks to the large variable speed trigger
  • Cleaner work: with the dust extraction device included with the saw
  • Visibility: the integrated LED provides optimal illumination of the cut
  • Versatile: the saw blade can be inserted upside-down (teeth up), making it possible to saw up to the wall, ceiling or floor without any problems
  • Protected: fully covered by Festool Service

Product highlights

Mighty powerful.

The powerful brushless EC-TEC motor and the switch-activated pendulum stroke produce fast and easy cuts. The cordless reciprocating saw RSC 18 is smooth and easy-to-use with less fatigue due to the extremely low level of vibration. As a result, the full power of the machine is harnessed for sawing and not in felt vibrations for more efficient sawing with less fatigue.

Mighty durable.

Quality you can rely on – made for the toughest day-to-day applications on the jobsite. The brushless EC-TEC motor provides a long-lasting power source that is nearly impervious to the harsh conditions of demolition and renovation tasks. Its low level of vibration also help to protect all the RSC 18’s parts for a longer-lasting tool that can provide years of service.

Mighty convenient.

A focused range of high-quality, task-specific blades help you conquer nearly any application. And with a tool-free, quick-release mechanism, saw blade changes are fast and easy helping to avoid direct contact with a hot blade. Work and move efficiently with the machine and blades neatly stored in a Festool Systainer providing a great way to store and transport the saw and all the accessories including the suction adapter for dust-free work and Bluetooth® battery packs for conveniently activating the dust extractor.

Product details

RSC 18 5,0 EB-Plus
  • For maximum power and speed

    The powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor and the switchable pendulum stroke, provide fast and easy cuts.

  • Always the right speed

    The large variable speed trigger enables a smooth machine start-up and stepless stroke speed control for maximum controllability

    • Reduce blade contact

      The saw blade is automatically ejected when the chuck is opened, helping to reduce contact with the blade. The saw blade can immediately be changed quickly and easily, with less risk from sharp edges.

      • 40% less vibration

        The unique anti-vibration system reduces machine vibration by 40%. Its full power is directed into the blade for maximum cutting effiency with less felt vibration and fatigue. This anti-vibration mechanism not only noticeably lowers fatigue but also contributes to a longer-lasting saw and faster cuts.


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