FESTOOL Interface Sander Backing Pad IP-D220-LHS 2 225-SW/2 577252



FESTOOL Interface Sander Backing Pad IP-D220-LHS 2 225-SW/2 577252

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The Interface Pad Set includes two (2) of the Interface Pads, which are used separately, and attach directly to the New Planex. These Interface Pads are only for the New Planex and are not recommended for the Planex EASY or the previous Planex machines. It is also recommended to use the New Interface Pads with GRANAT NET abrasives for best dust extraction performance.


Specifically engineered for customers working with softer or fast drying compounds
and fillers, the Interface Pad customizes the New Planex to adapt to those surfaces for best finishing results



In addition to the Interface Pads, customers using softer/lightweight compounds may also realize improved surface results by
making some adjustments to the New Planex and the CT Dust Extractor. The following guidance includes:
1. Ensure the suction at the head of the machine is on ?Wall mode?. This suction control valve will bleed off some of the
suction force to reduce the pressure on the wall.
2. Reduce the speed of the sander to speed setting 3 or 4.
3. In addition to the two steps above, reducing the suction on the dust extractor to about 50% may also improve results.
4. Try finish sanding with a finer grit ? some users report that using P320 grit paper has produced desired results.
5. Unlike most other sanders, which are rotary machines, the New Planex is random orbit and therefore you should not need
to apply as much pressure on the wall when finish sanding ? a light touch and quick, smooth motions are all that are necessary

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