FESTOOL Router OF 1010 EQ-F-Plus 576204



FESTOOL Router OF 1010 EQ-F-Plus 576204

Former Part # 574691


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The ergonomics and precision features of the OF 1010 EQ deliver a host of benefits which add up to an unbeatable tool. One-handed operation allows you to switch it on and off, plunge, cut and release with ease. The compact design and the efficient center of gravity make this tool extremely maneuverable. Its micro-adjustable depth control is accurate to 1/256″ (1/10 mm). The OF 1010 EQ is also the lightest router of its kind?a real plus on extended projects. This, on top of enough power for all 1/4″ and 8mm bits.

This is the new imperial version of this tool. It is identical to the previous version with the exception of the units on the depth scale.

Ergonomic handle with full-grip is designed for increased control and reduced fatigue with power switch and speed control at the fingertips.
The OF 1010 EQ Router provides a smooth 2-1/8″ plunge action which enables you to maintain complete control with a quick and secure plunge lock.
MMC electronic controls provide constant speed under load for improved cut quality, step-less variable speed, and overload and thermal protection.
Micro-adjustable depth control to 1/256″ (1/10 mm) which allows you to dial in your routing with tremendous precision.

chip catcher
dia. 1/4″ clamping collet (6.35 mm)
dia. 5/16″ clamping collet (8 mm)
open ended spanner, WAF 19
Systainer SYS3 M 237


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