Festool Saw Blade HW 168×1,8×20 WD42 WOOD FINE CUT 205772


for TS 60 K, TSV 60 K, CSC-SYS 50



Durability and precision under the toughest conditions. Adapted to the application and material. Made from high quality steel with saw teeth made from fine grain carbide. After all, you can only achieve a perfect cut when the saw blade is as good as the machine.

  • A blended geometry blade featuring a combination of alternate-top-bevel (ATB) as well as a raker with triple-chip (TCG) design for combination of smooth cuts and durability
  • Excellent cut quality – clean and splinter-free cuts
  • Saw teeth made of high-quality carbide combined with the thin kerf – for optimum speed with less resistance resulting in perfect cuts
  • Cutting angle and tooth shape are adapted to the application and machine
  • Color coding makes it easier to select the correct saw blade
  • Ideal in combination with the Festool TS 60 K plunge-cut saw – for exact, efficient working
  • for veneered and coated panels, solid wood cross cuts, MDF – fine cut

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