KREG Clamp Vise with Automaxx KBC3-VISE


KREG Clamp Vise with Automaxx KBC3-VISE

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Multipurpose vise system for wood projects

The Clamp Vise combines a 3″ Bench Clamp with an anodized-aluminum plate that mounts to the edge of a benchtop to create a simple, highly effective bench vise. It’s great for clamping pieces on edge, supported by adjustable Clamp Blocks, and for holding large pieces on top of a bench like a traditional end vise using a pair of included Bench Dogs.

Thanks to Automaxx® auto-adjust technology, the Bench Clamp adjusts to match the material automatically with a simple squeeze of the handles — whether the material is thick, thin, or in between. The clamp allows easy regulation of clamping pressure with a simple thumbscrew.


  • Automaxx® auto-adjust technology
  • Creates a multifunction bench vise easily
  • Work surfaces from 1″ to 2″ thick (25-51mm)

Steel with Molded Grips, Aluminum, Plastic Polymer

  • Clamping capacity up to 3 3/4″ (95mm)

  • Adjustable clamping pressure
  • 7 Clamp Block height settings

  • Kreg Clamp Trak
  • Clamp Plate

  • (1) 3″ Bench Clamp
  • (1) Clamp Vise Plate
  • (2) Bench Dogs
  • (2) Clamp Blocks
  • Mounting Hardware
  • (1) Owner’s Manual