KREG Solid Production Stop KMS7800


KREG Solid Production Stop KMS7800

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Production-Ready Stop
Create a production-ready stop for your miter saw station, router table, table saw or miter gauge with this heavy-duty stop. It features dual cursors and durable construction that give it accuracy and toughness in one easy-to-use stop.

Precision Accuracy
The Production Stop features dual lens cursors with hairline indicators that allow you to use it on either side of the blade. Both cursors are adjustable, too, so you can fine tune the stop to your saw.

Rugged Construction
This stop is made from a thick aluminum extrusion so it’s stiff and durable, but still lightweight. It’s built to withstand years of heavy use, and to stay in place without deflecting.

Adaptable Design
The Production Stop is designed to work with Kreg® Top Trak and Heavy-Duty Trak, so you can build your own fence, install the track, and use the stop. That gives you options, and means you can easily use the Production Stop on many types of tools. The stop simply drops into the track from the topside, allowing it to be quickly removed and repositioned.



  • Sturdy, precision workpiece stop
  • Designed to withstand production environments
  • Dual precision cursors

Anodized aluminum

  • Precision Track and Stop Kit
  • Precision Band Saw Fence
  • Top Trak
  • Heavy-Duty Trak
  • Self-Adhesive Measuring Tapes

  • Production Stop and Mounting Hardware
  • Owner’s Manual