KREG Trak Clamp KMS7520


KREG Trak Clamp KMS7520

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The perfect companions to the Accu-Cut™ family of products, as well as the Adaptive Cutting System
These easy-to-use Track Clamps lock into place on the underside of the Accu-Cut™ track and Starting Block to offer additional holding power when needed—such as when working with slick-surfaced sheet goods such as melamine-coated particleboard, or when cutting with a single length of track.

The clamps are suitable for use with the Adaptive Cutting System Guide Track by sliding them onto the underside of the track where additional holding power may be needed. Track Clamps are also compatible with other Kreg products such as Clamp Trak™, Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits, and Mini Trak™. In addition, Track Clamps are handy for creating shop-built jigs and fixtures.


  • Work with multiuple kinds of Kreg tracks
  • Great for making shop fixtures

Alumin, steel, plastic polymer

Heiight and tension adjustable

  • Accu-Cut™
  • Accu-Cut™ XL
  • Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack
  • Adaptive Cutting System 62″ Guide Track
  • Clamp Trak
  • Mini Trak
  • Universal Clam pTrack Kits

  • (2) Clamp Bodies,
  • (2) Mounting Bolts with washers
  • (2) Threaded Knobs
  • (2) Knurled Locking Nuts