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MAKSIWA Dust Collector 1HP CP/1.C – 1 Entry


Maksiwa Dust Collector 1HP CP/1.C – 1 Entry


Bag volume: 60 L (2.12 ft³)
Number of air intel: 1
Air suction capacity: 600 ft³/min
Bag size: 13″ x 25 inches
Motor: 1 HP – 1 phase
Motor Amp Draw: 1 phase: 127 V – 16 A or 220 V – 8 A
Weight: 73 Lbs

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The Dust Collector CP/1.C is ideal for collecting light powder of small machines. Comes with an adapter that is attached to the end of the hose to help cleaning the floor. The MAKSIWA Dust Collectors have wheels for easy transportation in your cabinet shop.

2 Year Warranty.

Why is the Dust Collector important?

Damaging health effects in a cabinet shop can be minimized by using a dust collector.

In 2002 the U.S. government put saw dust on their list of “known carcinogens”, linking it to a variety of nose, throat, and lung cancers, making it an official health risk.

Collecting and exhausting dust at its source, before it reaches you, is the most efficient way to deal with wood dust. That’s why woodworking machines — from table saws to disk sanders — come with exhaust hoods or ports.



Additional information

Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 23 × 23 in


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