SHAPER Origin Gen 2 SO2-NN + Workstation SW1-AA

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Shaper Origin SO2-NN + Shaper Workstation SW1-AA



  • Shaper Origin Gen 2
  • Shaper Branded Systainer³ M437 Carrying Case
  • Two rolls of ShaperTape (150-ft each)
  • Tool change accessories
  • Reusable transport locks
  • USB A/C dual flash drive
  • 1/4-inch up-spiral flat router bit
  • 1/8-inch up-spiral flat router bit
  • 60 degree engraving router bit
  • Workstation body
    • Clamping Face
    • Support bar
    • Support Arms
    • Shelf
    • Angle Fence
    • Hold Down Clamps
    • Spoilboards


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