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Draw. Capture. Make.

Shaper Trace is a drawing toolkit that allows you to turn any sketch or drawing into a vector graphic by simply taking a picture. Place the Trace Frame over your sketch and convert it into a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) with the Trace App, ready for fabrication using the tool of your choice, from laser cutters and vinyl cutters to CNC machines like Shaper Origin and more.

From Sketch to Vector in Seconds


Centerline or Outline

Trace finds the Centerline of your sketch, providing a clean line that’s optimized for working with laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC machines and more.

Instant Conversion, Right from your Phone

Trace removes distortion and preserves scale, regardless of how you hold your phone.

Trace Application

Along with the Trace Frame, you’ll have access to the Trace web application — no subscription required. Unlike a traditional scanning process, Trace uses the camera on your mobile device, allowing you to capture your drawing at any angle without needing to be directly over the image. Trace automatically flattens the image, removing perspective distortion.

Trace App

Access the app from any browser on your phone or tablet with a front-facing camera.


Modify your drawings with the smoothing tool to adjust rough edges

Limitless Possibilities



Files saved in the Trace App are immediately available on Origin.

Laser Cutter

Send SVG files directly to your laser cutter and work with either the centerline or outline from Trace.

CNC Machine

From engraving lettering to inlays, Trace streamlines workflows for your CNC machine.

Vinyl Cutter

Add a whole new input to your sticker and vinyl stencil production with Trace.



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