Woodstock Planer Pal – Standard Pair W1216A


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Precision-engineered and manufactured under strict control from top-quality materials, the?Woodstock Planer Pal? jig sets knives quickly and accurately with powerful neodymium magnets. Jigs hold knives in position while freeing both hands to tighten the gib. This?system lets you set planer knives in perfect alignment every time. It also allows you to shift nicked knives on 2-1/2″- 4″ cutterheads to get a perfect cut with an accuracy of ?.002″. Two planer knife setting jigs are needed for 15″- 20″ planers; three for planers over 20″. For 12″ and smaller planers with 1-7/8″- 2-1/8″ cutterheads, use our MINI PLANER PAL?.


For 2-1/2″ – 4″ Diameter Cutterheads
For HSS Knives
?.002 Accuracy
Neodymium Magnets
Set of 2


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