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Maksiwa Edge Trimmer Machine RBB.1000


Maksiwa Edge Trimmer Machine RBB.1000


Max trim height: 2-3/8”
Table lenght: 39″
Table width: 6 to 16″
Trimmer speed: 32,000 RPM
Power: 500 Watts
Volts/Amps: 127 V – 4.3 A or 220 V – 2.5 A
Weight: 42 Lbs


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The Edge Trimmer Machine RBB.1000 execute trimming and scraping on the edge tape applied on MDF and similar wood panels, providing a perfect finishing.

The RBB.1000 is portable, easy to install, with a versatile mounting system for any kind of bench. Works in ABS edges, PVC and others. The RBB.1000 is easy to operate and ensures a perfect finishing in your projects. 2 Year Warranty.


3 functions in 1 machine.

End trimmer, edge trimmer and scraper for perfect finish.












Perfect for use with MA.1000 and CBC.E


Additional information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 10 in


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